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Looking for Ways to Help Kids | Helping kids get to where they need to be

Old Hardware for Schools

It’s a shame that there are so many old computers, laptops and tablets, just gathering dust in some people’s drawers. To the owners, these may already appear to be obsolete junk, with not much use, especially if they have already moved on to newer devices. However, if you run a school in a remote location, this kind of hardware could be very useful for teaching.

Thankfully, initiatives are being tried which transfer some of this old hardware to schools. They can then breathe new life into these devices, allowing teachers and students to benefit from them. Old computers and laptops can be used to access information from the internet. Old tablets can be used to do the same thing. This also increases the students’ familiarity with important forms of technology. The school can just install software for USB backups, so that even if a computer eventually conks out, no data is lost. The data can just be migrated to another working computer.

Medical Advances and the Internet

One of the interesting developments to come about thanks in part to the internet, involves greater access to advanced medical techniques. This will have the potential to benefit, not just kids in need of complicated surgery, but just about anyone. What happens here is that the surgery is needed in a particular, perhaps remote location, except that the patient cannot be flown to the medical facility which can provide the surgery.

In the case of more advanced techniques, the surgery may only be available in the city centers, or even in other countries. The internet and advances in video conferencing, as well as 3D imaging and robotic control can potentially allow a doctor in a different country to watch what is happening in the surgical theater, and provide advice and instructions. Or that doctor can even remotely control robotic appliances through which the surgery can be carried out. This will require high speed internet, however, so it would be best to seek out the best VDSL solutions available in that area. But already, this is a very promising development.

Feeding Programs

One of the main problems that many children around the world face, is simply a lack of sufficient food. This is a big problem because malnutrition at an early age will leave its physical scars, and these could potentially affect the child for the rest of his or her life. It can be impossible for a kid to focus on lessons at school, if he is hungry. If a child is malnourished, there’s a good chance that she will be susceptible to illness and disease.

This is why feeding programs are so important. Food is a basic thing, and without it, many other areas such as education, health and the like, will falter. Some feeding programs also take advantage of extra food that would otherwise go to waste, such as lamb sandwiches from catering services or extra meals at a wedding or birthday party. This is a win-win situation, and hopefully there will be more of these to come.

Kids and School Buildings

Many projects for kids focus on education. And this makes sense because allowing kids to learn and gain knowledge from schools is one way for many of them to have a chance at good jobs, later on in life. If they can graduate from school, they have a chance at getting out of poverty. However, if they end up dropping out of school or are unable to complete it, then the odds become more firmly stacked against them.

When it comes to building schools, there’s a need to be flexible, in order to ensure that the appropriate and acceptable structures are put in place. The schools built immediately after a natural disaster might be more temporary in nature. The focus might be more on just giving the kids a school to use, even if it’s just for the short term. But longer term structures need to be more sturdy. This might involve bringing in professionals such as the Rock Solid Christchurch plasterers, or similar skilled workers, to make sure that the school is built to specifications which will last for very many years.

Kids, Diseases and Pests

One of the problems facing many kids all around the world involves the issue of disease. And in many countries, you have certain insects and pest which acts as vectors for these diseases. The problem is that children and young people are more vulnerable to these types of illnesses. If a certain disease strikes an adult, it might be more possible for him or her to recover from it and survive. But if a similar situation befalls a young child, there may very well be a higher chance of mortality.

Dengue is one such example of this, where mosquitoes are the insects that carry the illness. This is a serious issue, and one that will be difficult to solve. It remains to be seen whether education and cleanliness campaigns will help. Or if perhaps residential or commercial pest control will be required. Or if eventually, better medicines to combat these types of diseases will surface.

International Assistance, Motels and Airports

Every year, disaster strikes in different places around the world. The way things are going, it looks like natural disasters such as hurricanes and typhoons are only going to get worse, with the passing years. Countries with strong economies already suffer greatly when hit by a natural calamity. But at least, they’re expected to have the resources needed to respond appropriately. Things tend to be more dire for those countries which are already dealing with large amounts of poverty and inequality. When a natural disaster strikes, there’s the possibility that their health and emergency services are not going to be able to cope with the scale of the disaster and suffering.

That’s why it’s also helpful to have other governments and international organizations, which work around the world, when a natural calamity strikes. The reality though is that even after some time has passed, after the calamity, there is still usually a lot left to do. At that point, most of the media attention has moved on, so you have a lot of people working in relative obscurity. Things settle down and the long work of rebuilding and recovery continue.

So you end up with international workers setting up in nearby motels, inns, lodges or other forms of simple accommodation. Some of these places might be as nice as the Bella Vista Whangarei for example. But others are much simpler. The basics of security, comfort and accessibility are what are important. In a way, these workers are used to staying in places which offer good value for money, precisely because of the type of organization that they are. You also have a lot of workers arriving and departing in local airports. This is particularly true during the early stages of the crisis. That’s why it’s so important for the local airport closest to the damage to be up and running as soon as possible.